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Q) What is the store's return policy?
A) If you have received a product that was damaged due to shipping, we will happily replace your item. However, you must inform us immediately of the damaged item. There will be NO returns 20 days after the date of purchase.

Q) How are the prosthetics applied?
A) To apply each prosthetic, you must first trim any edges off of the prosthetic that you do not want. You can trim as much as you wish. Then, using some sort of applicator, dab a little liquid latex or spirit gum to the back of the prosthetic, and then apply it to the desired area. You may want to add a little more liquid latex or spirit gum around the outside edges of the prosthetic. Once it is dried, you can add any blood or finishing touches you want.

Q) Can these prosthetics be reused?
A) Yes, but only if you take care of them. Once you are finished with a prosthetic, if you used liquid latex, you can simply peel it away from your skin. If you used spirit gum to apply the prosthetic, you will need to use an adhesive remover to remove the prosthetic. When removing the prosthetic, remove it carefully, and store it, and you will then be able to reuse the prosthetic as long as it is taken care of.

Q) What if I am allergic to latex?
A) Quite a few of our prosthetics and props are made from either foam latex or liquid latex. If you have an allergy to latex it would be highly advised that you do not handle any of these products that are made from latex. If you are unsure if you are allergic, check with a doctor. Spirit gum is another adhesive that can be used for those individuals who are allergic to latex. Horrific FX will NOT be held liable for issues involving any illness or allergic reaction to any of our prosthetics, props, makeup, or any other product.

Q) What if I received the wrong color/style/size than what I had ordered?
A) With several of our products we offer different styles, sizes, and colors. For example, some of our blood products come in different sizes. If you ordered one style, and received the wrong style, please inform us immediately so that we can correct the mistake. However, make sure when you order the product that you select the color, size, or style that you want. You will find the choice option right beside the product image. Make sure you pick the right style, color, or size that you want because there is a default choice if you do not select one. Please keep in mind also that at times the actual product may vary slightly from the image on the web site.

Q) How do I remove the makeup and blood products?
A) Once you are done with the makeup or blood products, the removal process is pretty simple. In almost all cases, all you need is some soap and warm water. For the blood products, especially the red colored bloods, you might need to use antibacterial sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, or makeup remover wipes to wash away any stains on the skin.

Q) What are the instructions for the blood products?
A) For best results, shake the bottle before applying the fake blood. The more and more you use the blood, be sure to occasionally shake the blood inside to mix everything together. Please be aware that when using the red colored bloods there might be a temporary light red stain where the blood was applied. It is only temporary, and will go away. Usually antibacterial wipes or makeup remover wipes get rid of any blood stains on the skin. Also, unless it is clearly stated, our bloods are not edible. So be careful applying the bloods around your mouth, eyes, cuts, or any open area. Horrific FX will NOT be liable for illness caused by blood products or ingestion of blood products.

Q) Are the blood products safe around furniture and clothing?
A) Unfortunately, as with almost every type of makeup fx blood it is NOT safe for furniture and clothing, and may in fact leave stains that are tough to remove. It is highly advised that you use any of the blood products with extreme care to avoid getting the blood on any furniture or clothing. It is advised to use old clothing you might not care about, and lay down some paper towels on the floor of the work area you will be using. Horrific FX will NOT be held liable for any item that may be ruined by our products.